Of Conversations and Silence

Everything in the sky is weird, don’t you think so?

You don’t know what the hell they’re doing up there, and so it’s all one big hopeless mystery for the average person. Stars would shine and form symbols that sort of make up a thing and people with numerous amount of credentials and degrees would give a name for it. Then there’s the Moon, with all its glowing, and not many people know that it just borrowed its light from someone else. So technically it’s pretentious and unfair to the Sun, who everyone seems to be hiding from in our country- I wonder if they fight.
But then again, I guess all of its wonder come from that weirdness, and I am here below just watching it all happen but not really knowing if anything is happening.

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Before Nature’s Rage, a Man Must Move

The environment is a friend, an ally, or some would say, an enemy. As nature wreaks havoc to villages, its damaging winds cause the loss of many lives. Some would take it more as an enemy but in truth, natural disasters are part of the Earth’s equilibrium.

The Bicol Region has to survive the pits of gustily winds of typhoons, floods, and threats of volcanic activities.

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Bulan-bulan: Recovering from ‘Nina’

NOTE: This story was written last June 26, three weeks after the resumption of classes in the Bicol Region.

Classes have been going on for three weeks already in Libon, Albay, but a number of elementary and high school students are still trying to make do with the notebooks their parents can afford.

Last Christmas Day, Libon was one of the hard-hit towns after Bicol took a beating from ‘Nina’ (international name: Nock-ten), which was described by many as the strongest typhoon since 2006’s ‘Reming’ (international name: Durian). No one was reported dead after Nina, but it turned out that many sources of livelihood were profoundly stricken and are still affected by the disaster up until today.

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