Choosing To Endure

You had a long and exhausting day so a minute after you lay down on your bed, you immediately fell into a deep slumber. In the middle of the night, you heard your smoke alarm got off, but because you were so physically and mentally drained, you had a hard time distinguishing whether it was real or just part of an unfortunate dream.

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‘A Quiet Place’ Is Not Just A Horror Film

The hype surrounding A Quiet Place died down, but we’re here to revive it because it’s time to talk about what that movie really means for us Filipinos.

But first, a little bit of background. This is John Krasinski’s third film as helmer. You probably know him from the American version of comedy show The Office. If you haven’t seen the show and you Google his character Jim Halpert, it might take a while to process the transformation from that character to his character in A Quiet Place.

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A Very Rare Game Item and What I Learned from Getting It

Learning practical real world lessons and skills from playing video games and online games is nothing new. A lot of people nowadays acknowledge the benefits that playing games can have. And with the ease of access for mobile games, anyone at some point in their lives has played a game or two. Except maybe if you’re living under a rock.

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Trophy Hunting: Is It Really Worth It?

This year, we have witnessed the cruelty of mankind and the consequence that it has caused. Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino, has passed away at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Lakipia, Kenya. He was euthanized after suffering from age-related complications. Thanks to the endless poaching, hunting and looting of animal hide, tusks, and horns, we have caused a major devastation in the face of the earth. As of now, we only have two Northern White Rhinoceros left, Najin and Fatu, and both of them are female. With the demise of the only male white rhino, this can cause the extinction of the said subspecies.

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Babalikan Kita

Babalikan kita ngayong gabi,
Hindi ko papansinin ang sakit na dadalhin
Ng muling pagbubukas ng mga sugat na binigay mo
Hindi ko papansinin ang lamig ng hangin
Na magpapaalala na wala ka sa tabi ko
Hindi ko papansinin ang mga luhang papatak
Ang pusong iiyak, ang katawang manghihina,
Basta’t hayaan mo akong balikan ka at ang ating mga alaala

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