BuyBust: Protestang Pelikula

Sa pagpadagos kang madugo buda kontrobersyal na gyera kontra droga ni Presidente Rodrigo Roa Duterte, dae mapupugulan ang pagluwas kang mga protestang pelikula. Lampas duwang taong puon kang magtukaw si Duterte bilang payo kang estado, nagkaigwa kitang “BuyBust” ni Erik Matti, direktor man kang “On the Job” (2013) buda ang horror na “Seklusyon” (2016) na pareho man igwang social commentaries.

[Ang ribyung ini ay igwang minor spoilers kang inot na treinta minutos kang pelikula, pero hanggang mapu-pwede, bawas ang dakulang spoilers. Pwede niyo ining basahon na mae-enjoy niyo pa man guiraray ang twists and turns kang pelikula.]

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My Top 7 Badass Female Characters and Why These Women Inspire Me

I’m a big film and television series buff. I like to spend my free time (if I have any), watching different movies and shows to entertain myself, be amazed and learn new facts that I can keep for references or just to satisfy my craving for good entertainment.

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Choosing To Endure

You had a long and exhausting day so a minute after you lay down on your bed, you immediately fell into a deep slumber. In the middle of the night, you heard your smoke alarm got off, but because you were so physically and mentally drained, you had a hard time distinguishing whether it was real or just part of an unfortunate dream.

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‘A Quiet Place’ Is Not Just A Horror Film

The hype surrounding A Quiet Place died down, but we’re here to revive it because it’s time to talk about what that movie really means for us Filipinos.

But first, a little bit of background. This is John Krasinski’s third film as helmer. You probably know him from the American version of comedy show The Office. If you haven’t seen the show and you Google his character Jim Halpert, it might take a while to process the transformation from that character to his character in A Quiet Place.

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