Reimagining Pokémon As Humans

Being a Pokémon and animé fan, I think it will look interesting to put those two together. Here are my drawings of Nidoran, Squirtle, and Nidoqueen.

It usually takes me half an hour to sketch and get the perfect post. Line art takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the details. Coloring is the hard part.

It would take about two to four hours because of the shading and getting the shadows right. The highlighting comes afterwards.

In creating the character, I like to stick to their original colors. I would probably add in a few colors here and there. I incorporate some of their features to make them look like the Pokémon really turned into an animé character. I sometimes add in some props that will show their Pokémon power or skill.

FINISHED PRODUCT! The reimagination of Nidoqueen as a human animé.

Here are other transformations:

Nidoran as human.
A reimagination of Squirtle as a human.

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