Choosing To Endure

You had a long and exhausting day so a minute after you lay down on your bed, you immediately fell into a deep slumber. In the middle of the night, you heard your smoke alarm got off, but because you were so physically and mentally drained, you had a hard time distinguishing whether it was real or just part of an unfortunate dream.

Moments after, you were already half awake and capable of deciding whether to get up and check or to lie down and sleep. But the thing is, you’ve realized you were alone in that house for quite some time now, and tonight was the first time something like that would happen.

Then while you were still processing things on your mind, considering how indecisive of a person you are, you sensed some black smoke that suffocated your system. You knew you had to save yourself. It was one of those seldom moments when everything you do seem to be reflexes, no processing or deciding whatsoever, you just grabbed your small box in the corner and tried to get as many things as you could from your room.

You were a workaholic, people would say. And ironic as it is, instead of reaching out your contracts, or some bills, or even some important documents, you dared getting as many childhood pictures you can possibly get. You knew that you only had limited time before everything you’ve worked for completely burns down, so without any hesitations, you spent every tick of the clock getting what’s left of the mementos of the family you once had because those were the belongings that you thought really mattered.

This is the journey of life. It’s as if we’re inside a burning house, desperately trying to save as many belongings as we can in a small box. Every moment is like a constant reminder that our days are numbered and we can never choose what to save and what to leave out. As we grow older, we will be facing more and more scenarios that would test our disposition, we would be exposed to making rash decisions, and we would be suffering the consequences of every choice made.

This is being human. We are who we are now because of the series of choices we made in the past. Our fulfillment is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make us happy until we choose to be happy. No person will make us happy unless we decide to be happy. Our happiness will not come to us, it can only come from us. It will depend upon the choices we make and the things we sacrifice.

Our days are numbered. The hourglass will continue even during all our worst times. That is why we have to live to the fullest by valuing and appreciating the things that matter more than all the material properties we have acquired. We should make our short stay worthwhile by filling up our boxes with memories of people and moments that bring the greatest significance.

Truth is, there is a reason of why our days are numbered, and that is to make each one special. There is no right time unless we go ahead and make every moment as if it is. Choose to be loved. Choose to be happy. Choose to live.


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