The Spinster Poet’s Poem

I wrote what mine heart did tell,
And versed all my ideal thoughts,
I wrote what I think was well,
But Eros’ love are not my quotes.

I wrote about the loneliness of life
Of nature’s life and goodness
I wrote about a war, a strife
But never about love’s idleness.

‘Tis a world full of themes of song
And poems doth not only love reside,
Beware of hearth breaks, lost love so long,
For the world is full of themes that hide.

It doth not hide, ’tis right there
Waiting for the other poets to write,
Too much love maketh a poem unfair
For there are other feelings to smite.

Bold lovers and all broken-hearted,
Be not blind of such themes so low,
Open thy eyes and Earth’s beauty be read,
Poems are not about Cupid’s blow.

I conclude, I cannot blame all men,
For love is nature amongst all,
But there is so much from my pen,
For all our hearts to love not only fall.

The Spinster Poet’s Tale (Alyssa Ann M. Solano/Ibalio Stories)
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