One Sol, My Luna

What I believe, is what I call faith.
To have none, to have you, is what i see fate,
Befitting to think, will immediately sink.
For the thought of us, from a comet to space dust.
Define our ending, its brink.

It was never the right thing.
For I am the Sun, center of this galaxy.
But it never felt wrong, it was meant to be
That despite who I am, my thoughts revolves around thee.


I am to glow, to shower light,
letting life take phase.
Overshrouding your beams,
the sadness’ glimpse,
The yearning of having place.

I loved you Luna, ever since the beginning of all.
Witnessing your creation, under no illumination,
You’re are the brightest in sight.

What I consider a test is the cruelty of this universe.
That there never be a time our place will reverse.
Let you feel my yearning, a fool’s game this is.
But I am just a spec in this constellation, twinkling in the abyss.

I envy the Earth, envy her from here.
How she holds you, holds you so dear.
But she kneels before this king, and this king’s deed.
So she takes care of you, take care of you in my stead.

Damned by the light years the universe is not so cruel.
It’s just that like dark matter, sadness is its fuel.
So it paves a way for us, for me to touch your lips.
Even from an overshading shadow, that’s why its called eclipse.

The saddest part is, I can never outlive my fear.
One Sol, we will be together, so close, so near.
But what to fear is that, it’s the time for us to push and part.
When I die, as a black hole, and rip everything apart.

Hold My Hand. (Andre Faye Lacoste/Ibalio Stories


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