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“Nature is about disposition, scenery and peace of mind, in terms of our needs, nature has many resources and beautiful sceneries that are sufficient to humankind.”
—Dennis Concepcion.

Dennis Concepcion is known for having unparalleled style in creating still-life art using his ballpoint pen. His road to making art was set in stone the moment he first held a pencil and joined various poster-making competitions when he was in grade school and pursued still-life art in college.

In 2014, he became the president of Guhit Pinas-Albay with the primary goal of helping and motivating young people to show their artistic skills. They also sponsored a charity named “Tiwala Kids” for Legazpi City’s street children.

TREE OF LIFE. Dennis Concepcion’s Tree of Life is representation of hope, light, faith, luck, joy, and prosperity. (photo courtesy of Dennis Concepcion)

“The issue of nature needs attention,” Concepcion insisted. “Some of the people are very passive; they do not care about the environment, so at times they are being compensated. It is not natural that they destroy nature, rather people should maintain its order.”

With his influence, young people became interested in environmental protection and how the world is changing.

In his previous art activities, Concepcion tackled his favorite topic through pen and canvas culminating meet-up called “Art Trade, Art Sale, Art Talks and Live Sketching,” which was recently unveiled at Albay Park and Wildlife.

“Sometimes, I write songs to take a break from working with pen and canvas,” he said. “It’s a good way for me to focus and release my fixations, and it seems like God says that this is what I’m supposed do.”

Concepcion’s art resulted to a series of drawings that presented nature as a subject in a unique aesthetic form, highlighting its elegance and backbreaking focus in the sharp and particular lines.

When asked how long it took him to make each masterpiece, Concepcion said it takes him more or less a week for each project. “It depends on the frame that I make every season including distractions, lack of food and sleep”.

One of his masterpieces was entitled “Tree of Light.” It was sold last August 23 and costed P7,000. Familiar yet mysterious, it represents spirituality having numerous branches and deep roots. It also depicts a cosmic family tree, showing connected struggles and aspirations and desires to reach for the light. Tree of Light represents hope, light, faith, luck, joy, and prosperity.

Over the years, Concepcion  created exciting pieces that carry the knowledge and experience of his life, while always providing his unique perspective on things.

“Evolving as an artist may have to do with patience – waiting for ideas to unfold, stories to unravel,” he shared. “I’ve learned to sit still and wait. Maybe evolution has a lot to do with how people perceived your work. If they find more meaning in it and maybe when you grow older, you go through more of life. That’s what happens.”

Indeed, Concepcion remains open in embracing the mysteries the artistic life offers, believing that at the end of it, the best formula for a fruitful artistic profession includes consistency, patience, learning how to sit still, observe and listen, and most importantly, appreciating.

THE ARTIST. Concepcion believes that in order to evolve as an artist, one should patiently wait for the right ideas and stories to unravel at the right time. (photo courtesy of Dennis Concepcion)
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