The car suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. Only the light of the half moon illuminated the barren woods.

Catching her left hand and gently pulling her to his side, he cupped her face and said “What’s wrong?”

She was hammered with confusion between the warmth of his body and the coldness of the heavy air around. “Dave, I’m sorry…” Suddenly, there was a blinding explosion of crystalline light from her wrist.

She pushed him away. “It’s the control system! A microchip inside me is what makes me look human, Dave. But removing this means deleting all my memories and emotions. I hate this but…”

Steeling himself, he saw her eyeballs drop but there was no blood. Bulging laser-emitting eyes replaced them. She cried in pain as she transformed to a metal monster. She’s not human anymore.

“What on earth…” Dave, even with a gun strapped to his back, confusingly didn’t know what to do.

METAL GIRL. (Artwork by Marvin Bajaro/Ibalio)
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