A Bond As Strong As Blood

Dear Teacher:

I sat in front of my computer, browsing social media and watching random internet videos, a habit I developed as I aged. Then I got stuck on a picture that was taken way back in my childhood, high school days to be exact. It gave me a smile as I looked back at the time where I got the taste of the real world. It filled me with nostalgic delight, the next hour spent staring at the ceiling while reminiscing. Then it hit me, I wanted to write you a letter. So I grabbed my phone and started typing.

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The Monster In My Head

Depression and anxiety, two sides of the same deadly coin. People say you can’t get one without the other. These twins were birthed through mental anguish or trauma, a byproduct of childhood fears or social isolation. Both are equally deadly by themselves and together. Being afraid of everything while being afraid of nothing is the scariest feeling you can ever have.

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May mga pagkakataon na kinaiingitan ko ang ulan, lalo na kapag sumasabay sya sa aking kalungkutan. May mga pagkakataon kasi na hindi ko kayang lumuha kahit labis na ang kirot na aking nararamdaman. Yung kahit sobrang punong puno na ako, di ko parin kayang pakawalan ang mga luhang kailangan nang lumaya para ang puso ko naman ay gumaan.

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PUJ route dry run draws ire from drivers, commuters

LEGAZPI CITY—The local government of Albay, through the Legazpi City police, implemented a traffic rerouting dry-run for public utility jeepneys with routes from Daraga to Legazpi City and vice versa last Sep. 4, drawing ire from both commuters and drivers.

Nilo S. Berdin, Legazpi City chief of police, said that the rerouting is for the fair and equal distribution of vehicles in the area and the province’s effort to lessen the traffic going to and from Legazpi City.

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